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Health is a happy experience
Health is the basic need of people’s life. No health, no high quality of life.
The more development of science and technology, the more healthy the need is. There are many factors that affect the health, there are many ways to achieve health. Strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to solve health problems.
Health is happiness, and happiness is also a technique of life. The process of enjoying happiness is sometimes a very natural process, and when you are immersed in it, you may not feel it clearly, but when you lose it, it’s worth it.
Health, especially such an experience, we have a lot of people every day to repeat the experience of health and lost, once lost is painful. So the law of health and happiness is to do it now, do it yourself.
In the once encountered “sars. In the days that we most truly feel the fragility of life and the value of life. Chinese government officials at the news conference, with these remarks. To restore the people’s confidence in life, and the life that is not healthy and safe is not a quality of life. Quality of life. This is a modern comprehensive concept in such a special situation by the government’s major officials so solemnly formally put forward, this is the first time. The foundation of the quality of life is health.
We have entered a period of high quality of life, so we should pay much attention to the impact of any harm to life. This shows that the social value of the society is the primary position of the social value.
Health is the subject of human being. From. Existence To. Life The pursuit of health, in the continuous leap obstacles, although the dangers of time. And the victory of the magic weapon is. Science”. Science has different meanings in different historical periods, and its most basic characteristic is to follow the laws of nature.
Chinese people in the long-term production and life in the same disease carried out the tenacious struggle, also carried out the unremitting efforts, in the pursuit of health in the process of playing a great wisdom to. Taijiquan is the pursuit of excellent products. Taijiquan to explore the human potential as the basic ideas, with physiological and psychological double health as the basic index, the human body’s internal structure and system of law as the principle of movement, to mobilize the body’s internal and external elements, self exercise, shape strong. It has become a major brand in the world of fitness.
Scientific research shows that one of the most effective ways to prevent various diseases is to enhance their immunity, which is also a long-term strategic means, this is a difficult and difficult to invade. The higher the degree of modernization of the society, the need to improve the demand is not only weakened, but stronger.
Premier Wen Jiabao repeatedly stressed in the fight against sars. The powerful weapon to defeat the disease is science,. Scientific choice of exercise, the use of scientific methods and principles of exercise, it should be included in the scientific system of the content. During “SARS”, Tai Chi Chuan is an unprecedented welcome. As a good outdoor sports, Tai Chi Chuan also gets a quick promotion. Many problems and the expert lectures in this book are derived from the county. Health popularization storm”

This book is a popular book on the fitness of Taijiquan.
Although there are a lot of people practicing Tai Chi, but we think it is necessary to popularize, because as an old fitness method, it has a brand new modern value, the scientific nature of its fitness and the multi function in modern society is a huge treasure, the value of this treasure is far from being excavated, it is far from playing its due value.
As a popular book, the language of the book as far as possible simple and concise, some of the use of the teacher’s answer or explanation, and other modifications, so that more close to the original intention, but also more life. Make friends easier to understand. It can be said, this is a readable, easy to understand, easy to learn, and strive to practice the book easy.
This book in order to form a system of integrated absorption of the explanation of teachers of some research results and previous lectures, discussions and exchanges of content. In order to facilitate the readers to read and understand, some of the article structure in the case of no damage to the original intention, also made a number of adjustments and re editing.
Thank you very much for your research and contribution to the health of Tai Chi Chuan. They have done a lot of work for the long time.
This is a professional books about Taijiquan, Taijiquan fitness is reading. Therefore, it is also suitable for the Tai Chi has been a considerable knowledge of friends to do research. We also hope to do a open communication, welcome everybody Taijiquan fitness problems related to common research inquiry so that we will be able to put more achievements again compiled and published, to form a series of Taijiquan.
Human health is a long-term problem, Tai Chi health is also a long-term career.
We hope that this book will give you a good health. I wish you all have a happy experience in the process of learning taijiquan.

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